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The Beehive, our proprietary data engine

  • Dynamic insights. The Beehive provides a 360-degree view of industry or geography, helping us identify emerging trends and investment opportunities.
  • Unparalleled depth and breadth. The Beehive collates and manages private market data on more than one million European companies.
  • Predictive matching algorithm. Our proprietary AI-supported search prioritizes category leaders and founder-led champions delivering robust, profitable growth.
  • Value creation. The Beehive is deployed to support our partner companies in identifying growth opportunities and leveraging competitive insights.
How do we direct our investment activity?
Rigorous Data Analysis

At Bregal Milestone, we believe that how we analyse and leverage data makes us not only better investors, but also better partners to entrepreneurs

  • Data enables our experienced team to manage a network of Europe’s most dynamic growth companies.
  • Data supports our investment decisions and risk management.
  • Data helps our partner companies to gain sector insight and identify growth opportunities.


That’s why we built The Beehive.
Float like a butterfly,
sting like a bee

If you are a founder-led business with huge ambitions, reach out to us to learn how we can put the Beehive to work for you.