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We are a close-knit team of entrepreneurs who strive to be constructive partners to our portfolio companies. We are committed to helping our partners build lasting value and achieve accelerated growth.

Jan Bruennler

Managing Partner

Philippe Lautenberg

Managing Partner

Cyrus Shey

Managing Partner

Emmanuel Logan-Moll


Matteo Bozzo


Francesco Canessa

Senior Associate

John Hales

Senior Associate

Emmanuel de Croÿ


Saachi Oza


Marion Depré

Executive Assistant

Elisa Orlando

Executive Assistant

Paul Schapira

Senior Advisor

Steffen David

Operating Partner

Suveer Kothari

Senior Advisor, Technology

Alvar de Wolff

Director - CSR

Jonathan Pugh-Smith

General Counsel - Funds

Kate Watson

General Counsel - Europe

Rhianna Dowdeswell

Legal Counsel